Saturday, October 20, 2007

Long Time No See!

Hello, everyone~!

How have all of you been these days? I'm sorry for not being able to add a new post! I hate to say this because it looks like an excuse, but I've been quite busy lately getting ready for the new semester, and most importantly, working on job hunting, which I hadn't been familiar with! However, I've tried having as much fun as possible through the new experiences. So, right now I've kind of enjoyed the job hunting because listening to stories of companies' employees interests me, and helps me imagine what it would be like to be a member of society in terms of employment.

Anyway.... you probably figure out that I'm doing just fine!
So, let me now move on to the school's topic.

I saw some of AGU 2006 & 2007 in the Fuchinobe campus. I saw Hiro, Yuiko, Eriko, Seri, Miki, Tetsuya, Nobu, Ryo, and Ai from AGU 2007! Since we all had been on vacation, so I think it really was a nice opportunity for each of us to know what we've been up to recently. I'm glad to know that everyone was doing fine! ^^

Sophomore students, who are going to come to the campus in Shibuya soon, now have to decide what kind of seminars they'll belong to. So, junior students visited Fuchinobe to introduce the seminars we've belonged to and sophomore students got to know what the junior students learn and how to apply for the one you want to go.

Now I'm junior and fortunately I was able to belong to the seminar I'd wanted to join. Thinking back, however, I was overwhelmed by the information I got at the time and what friends of mine talked about just like the sophomore students do now. So, watching them shop around the rooms to decide where to go literally brought me back to the days in Fuchinobe. Also, it did make me feel old...Ouch! Hahaha....

I promise I will update more often! ^^
The temperature here has suddenly dropped.
So please watch out for cold, everyone!(including me!!)

See you soon~!