Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Discover NAA!

Hello, everyone~!

First of all... I'm glad that I finally have time to update this blog! I really am! As you can imagine, not being able to add a post for the blog means that I'm busy. Though I always try as much as I can to update this blog to keep all of you updated, there hasn't been enough time to actually do so.

Anyway... I would like to tell you how I've been up to these days. I don't know where to begin, however. So, let me talk about what I did on Monday!

As many of you already know, I've been working on job-hunting and I've visited various kinds of companies to know what each of them does as a company and how I would be able to contribute to a company if I were to be an employee. So, as a part of the efforts, I visited Narita International Airport today.

Being a Japanese, I've had to go to the airport if I would plan to go somewhere foreign. Also, this has been a place where I've seen my friends off when they'd gone for studying abroad, and where I've waited for them to come back to Japan. So, for me, it always makes me feel something special when I'm at Narita Airport because being there itself remind me of a lot of memories that I've treasured very much.

So, I haven't thought about working there. That was why I participated the tour for job-hunters that I thought enabled me to see what it would be like to work at the airport. While I was on the tour, I could visit the places that weren't open for public and it was quite interesting for me to go there! ^^ Moreover, I had a chance to talk to the people who work at the airport and it helped me to understand what they do, and at the same time, it makes me think about what I would be able to do if I were to work here.

I would like to share what I saw with all of you!
So, as always, I put the pictures I took on Bubbleshare. ^^
BubbleShare: Share photos - Print Christmas Coloring Pages.

I hope you enjoy it and see what I saw there!

And also...

I had a chance to see the moment when the airplane made a landing. I've really liked to see it go up to the sky and land at the airport since I was a little girl.

At first, it looks like nothing happens in the video. But...please pay attention to the sound you'll hear. The voices come from the control room.

Hmmm....finally, it turns out that I would really like to go somewhere! Hahaha.

Anyway, that's all for today!
See you soon~