Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Now I'm Test-free!

Hello, everyone~!

As I told you on the previous posts, the semester has just finished and I'd taken all of the exams that I had to take. However, there's been an exam that I haven't talked about on this blog... The exam of the training program I mentioned previously, which is CCNA.

The exam that I had was a practical exam to see whether or not I could type in several commands, I could make a setting, and I could write lists to permit or deny infomation that goes through routers. I'm not really sure if you're familiar with these kinds of things, but I hope you can imagine what I've learned by taking a look at the picture I put on the previous post!

In the exam, there were so many tasks that I had to deal with that I actually took the exam three times to pass! So, it felt like I still had an exam to be taken, and I literally did even though the exams of my department were over.

Anyway, now I finally can relax!
I'm so glad that I made it. ^^

That'll wrap up today's post!
See you soon~

The beginning of AGU 2007 is finally approaching, and as I said, I just can't wait to read blogs of this year's participants!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A New Thing I've Been Learning Through The Semester

Hello, everyone~!

As July is about to end very soon, I recall the exciting feeling that I had last year about going to AGU 2006 program! I presume this year's participants are already excited about it, too! Even though I would not be there, I'm already looking forward to talking to you through the online chat, reading what you guys do in the US on blogs, and hopefully meeting you guys face to face in Japan after coming back!

Well, I would like to talk about the thing I've been learning lately, CCNA. Have you heard of it? It's a training program conducted by Cisco Systems, and the word "CCNA" stands for "Cisco Certified Network Associate". Some of you might wonder why on earth I'm learning about this kind of thing because the department I belong to(which is International Politics, Economics, and Communication) and the things I've studied have nothing to do with IT or something like that. However, contrary to people's expectation about what I've learned, don't you think it's great for me to be able to have knowledge about networking?

As more and more people have realized how important it has been and will be for us to always connect with each other, I think it would be useful to have knowledge about how we can get connected with each other. That's why I decided to take the class. I would not get a credit when I finish the class, but I absolutely think it is worth learning not only because it's for free (Yay!) but also I have given the opportunity to meet the people from the departments such as Integrated Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Some of them are graduate students. They are the people I wouldn't have encountered if I just go and attend the classes in Aoyama campus, so it's quite interesting for me to talk to them and I'm really grateful for their knowledge about what we do. Most importantly, every time I have difficulties doing the tasks and resolving the problems, they always help me!

These things are the devices and the cables I deal with in the class. There are personal computers, routers which helps information go to the right places, and the cables which connect the devices physically. What I learn is to connect them with each other properly, and to learn about how to operate them through the software. These days, being connected through the Internet has been taken for granted, but we won't be able to get connected unless the infrastructure for it has been properly developed. So, I think not only engineers but also the people who connect to the Internet need to learn about this kind of thing. ^^

I'm a bit sad that many of my friends had no idea about what I talked about today on this blog, but I guess that's how students with majors in the school of humanities would respond because in my opinion they basically don't need to know the thing like that. Moreover, they are likely to regard the people who are familliar with computer as "Otaku" (In English, I guess it's "geek"). So despite the fact that they usually get connected through the Internet, they don't think that having knowledge about computer is cool or useful....I just don't know why. As for me, I definitely think that being good at using computer is great and very fun!

Anyway, I've enjoyed what I'm learning and that's all that counts!

Alright, that's all for today!
See you soon~

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Urawa Reds vs Manchester United

Hello, everyone~!

As I've talked on the recent posts, I had been preparing for the exams which I just don't remember what I wrote any more(just kidding! Hahaha...), and writing the papers. That's for sure. But while doing so, I actually went out a bit to escape from the reality.

On July 17th, I went to visit Saitama Stadium to watch "Saitama City Cup" with my friend. It was a friendly match, but I thought it was worth watching because Manchester United came to Japan just for playing the game! Sounds exciting, right? These days, the number of people in Asia who watch soccer games constantly, such as me, has been increasing so much that the clubs in Europe are now impossible to ignore that. Moreover, the team's visit to Japan not only made the supporters happy but also let the Japanese professional soccer players know what it felt like to play the game with them. As for me, it was really awesome to be able to watch the game of the team that won the British premier league! The Japanese team, Urawa Reds is one of the Japanese famous clubs and it is called "Red Devil". As you can guess from the picture which I put below, it was the battle between the Japanese red devil and the British red devil!

Anyway, most importantly, one of my favorite soccer players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo was there!! Thanks to the early reservation, my seat was so close to the field. ^^ I want to share what I saw there with you guys, so if you're interested, enjoy the video which I updated on Youtube and the picture I'd taken at the stadium. I hope you like it!

Just see what he did! That'll tell you who he is and what he can do. ^^

It was rainy and a bit cold, but I enjoyed being there.
(FYI:The result was 2-2, yes it was a close game!)
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After watching them play, I would like to go and visit UK to watch a game at their own stadium someday!

Alright, that's all for today!

Oh, by the way, I came across Uchida sensei at Aoyama campus! He was on the way to the conference and we talked about how each of us has been. Thinking back, I just can't remember the last time I met him. So it was nice to be able to talk to Uchida sensei!

See you soon~. ^^

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wearing Kimono!

Hello, everyone~!

Many of AGU 2006 members are now preparing for the exams. Well, I've actually finished taking them because I wrote 8 different kinds of papers instead of taking exams!(I did take 3 exams anyway...) It almost seemed to be endless at first, but I was glad to find that I somehow managed to finish it.

By the way, I enjoyed the chat on Saturday! I was pleased to talk to some of the participants of AGU 2007. There would be another opportunity to talk to them through the internet after the program starts, so I'm looking forward to it!!

Alright, let me move on now to what I want to talk about today. On July 15th, I went to my relative's wedding! As you might guess, I should have studied for the papers but when it comes to the thing like wedding, don't you think it is okay to escape from the reality? Hahaha....

When I heard about the wedding, the first thing that came to my mind was what to wear becaues it was the first time for me to attend the wedding, and I had no idea how I was dressed. However, I realized that I've got the Kimono which should be appropriate for the ceremony like wedding. So I decided to wear it. Some of you might be reluctant to wear Kimono because it's too tight. But as for me, I really like wearing Kimono because it always makes me feel special!

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The wedding was interesting and beautiful. Moreover, I enjoyed eating the dishes even though I felt the tightness of Kimono, and it was really nice to see my best friend because we couldn't see each other for a while.

As always, I put the pictures on Bubbleshare!
So enjoy~!

That's all for today!
I can't wait to "see" AGU 2007 through the next chat!

See you soon~
Take care.