Saturday, June 23, 2007

Coming of long-awaited season!

Hello, everyone!

I've just joined the group "AGU in America", and it literally brought me back to the memories we shared last year. They still remain so fresh in my mind that I feel somehow strange to mention it as the event of last year. Also, reading the blog of AGU 2007 made me want to update my blog! Anyway, I really hope that this year's participants will have as much fun as we had, and learn something that helps you enrich your life in many ways!

Well, the beginning of AGU 2007 means that summer vacation is just around the corner. In Japan, the rainy season, known as "Tsuyu", has just begun recently and it does make me sick of humidity! However, it tells me summer is surely approaching and thinking about what to do in this summer definitely keeps me from concentrating on doing what I need to do right now such as paper, preparation of the exams and presentations. So I'm now trying not to think about it too much! Hehehe....

I guess there are many things I would like to talk about on this blog, the new thing I've learned through this semester, the book I've read recently, for example. But now I don't have time to do so... hmmmm.... :(

Anyway, it wraps up today's post!
See you soon. ^^
Take care!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Something to think about for my future...

Hello, everyone!
I can't help but be surprised at the fact that the half of this year is about to pass me by... is this because I'm getting older? Hmmm...

Well, the other day I received the score of TOEFL. Some of you might be familliar with TOEFL, and it stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. In short, it's the test for the people to measure how much one can use English in terms of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. I hadn't taken the test before, so this time I decided to give it a try. I've always thought about studying abroad as you can easily imagine, but whether or not I should go for it actually remains undecided in my mind because I'm not sure how it turns out when it's time to get a job, which is about to come. Moreover, I just didn't expect to do well on the exam because it was the first time for me to take it, and the test has been renewed in a way which some of the Japanese might be overwhelmed. That is, introducing a new section, speaking.

However, after taking the test, I guess it was not that hard as many people in Japan said as the first impressions. Rather, I even had fun writing my opinion in the Writing section. It made me feel as if I'm just updating my blog! Also, listening to the lectures used as a measure to solve the problems actually fascinated me even though it was not the main purpose to do so at the time.

Then, about 3 weeks later, the score came to me. I was surprised to find that my score was enough to apply for the program of studying abroad conducted by AGU.(But Getting accepted would be whole another story!) It does let me rethink about studying abroad, and even seek for further information.

Some people say that I don't need to do so because the main purpose of studying abroad for undergraduate students, which is to learn the language, has been achieved somehow. The other say that I should do so because what you can experience now is priceless. So... I'm confused!

Well, it looks like the outpouring of my mind!
Any suggestion, please?

That's all for today!
See you soon.