Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Twenty Four

Hello, everyone~!

I've decided that I'm going to try to add as many posts as I can during this vacation to be a better writer in English, and to keep you informed about what I'm doing. ^^

I just finished watching the fifth season of the TV show, "24". I've been a big fan of this show since the very first season of the show came out here in 2003! (I even watched it at the hotel when I was in Maryland! Hahaha!) I like it because it has something that the Japanese TV dramas don't. Right now, I think the industry of the Japanese TV dramas are having a tough time making a good stuff. I used to watch them a lot some years ago and I loved watching them, I still recall how thrilled I was when I was in front of TV and waited for the new episode to come. But I stopped watching them because the plots are getting cheesy and boring. While I was thinking about that, I happened to find the series of 24 at the store, and I found it interesting! The reason I thought was that I never saw this kind of a show before. At the time when I started watching the show, all I focused on was to follow the story by reading the Japanese subtitle. But now, I can enjoy watching the show without it. I'm now glad to be able to do so because reading subtitle sometimes kept me from concentrating on what the actors/actresses were trying to say with their facial expressions. Also, I can understand the whole meaning of what each of the character says by listening to them directly in English. Yaaay! I'm happy about that because I think there's limitation of the number of characters they can put in the Japanese subtitle. So that fact made me wonder if all the things the casts said were really covered in the subtitle in Japanese.

Alright, I think what I talked about above tells you how excited I am about the show! Hehehe~. I actually watched "Tru Calling" and "Prison Break" as well. But I think that "24" is the best. It's still exciting to see it even though it's been seven years since the first season came out in the US.

Maybe, I should stop here....I've already gone too far? Hahaha~. ^^
Anyway, please tell me if you know some good TV dramas! I'll be glad to check it out.

That's all for now!
See you soon~

Sunday, January 28, 2007

How do you like it?

Hello, everyone~!

I'm sure that you noticed my blog got a new look. To be honest, I was sort of tired of the old template. So I've wanted to change that but I didn't feel like doing it because I thought that doing it might make all of the things on my blog deleted. However, I finally had a chance to upgrade my blog to a newer version, and I found that I could change the template of my blog without worrying about the setting being deleted. I liked the way I could change the things on my blog because it was so easy! ^^ Anyway, I hope you'll like it.

One more thing..... my exams are over! (The date when exams finish varies according to what subjects each of the student in AGU takes in this semester. So some of my friends, including some members of AGU in America still have exams. Good Luck!) So I'm now on vacation. Yaaay! I don't have any plan to go on a trip, but I probably am going to go to a school to get my driver's license. Also, I think I'm able to add new posts more frequently. So please look forward to it!

Alright.....that's all for today.
See you soon~!

Let me just mention my friend's new blog! It's Yuiko's.
Yuiko has just opened her new blog in Japanese. Even though the contents are written in Japanese, I think the pictures she put on it will help you understand what she talks about. I was there yesterday, and I enjoyed reading about what she bought and how she enjoyed hot chocolate! ^^ So why don't you visit there if you have time? →

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

take a quick break from exams...

Hello, everyone~!
Recently, I've been busy writing my papers and preparing for the exams. So it's been a little while. How have all of you been?

Though I still have an exam left, my exams are almost over.(My exams will be over on Jan 26.) So I'm now taking a break from preparations for the last exam of this semester, and writing this post to let you know how I am doing. Well, speaking of my blog, I was surprised and glad to see the comments on my previous post! I'm so thankful for the technologies we are able to have today because many people from all over the world can visit my blog. すごくない?(Isn't this awesome?) Of course, I want to thank all of you who left comments on my blog! As always, I really appreciate it.

On January 16th, I and Yuki hung out with Laura's brother, his cousin, and their girlfriends at Ueno.(One of the famous city in Japan which is known for the zoo, the museum, and lots of other attractive places.) We had a yummy Yakiniku(broiled meat) dinner, and Hiro joined us in the middle of the dinner. I really had a pleasant time eating with them. Also, I enjoyed talking about fashion, guys, and cultures with girls! It was a bit harder than usual because it was all in English. ^^ After the dinner, we went to a cafe and kept talking for an hour or so. We were even kicked out by the staff of the cafe! Hehehe~.

On the next day, all of us except Yuki and Hiro played bowling in Shibuya from 11 AM to around noon. It's been a while since I last played bowling. So I was too bad even though playing it was really fun! Hahaha~! No matter my score finally told me, the place we played bowling was awesome because the lighting was black light. Can you imagine it? I've been to that kind of place before, but it always fascinates me. I should have taken a picture of it! We ate lunch after that, and we walked around in Shibuya for shopping. While I was walking with them, I mostly talked with the girls about the Japanese TV dramas, movies, and so on. The fact that the information they had about them was much better than mine surprised me a lot! They even told me what dramas are now on TV. I'm so glad to hear them talk about the things like that because it means that they pay attention to the Japanese culture, right? Then, we went to Shinjuku by the crowded train to visit much more shops! It just took almost 10 minutes to get to Shinjuku from Shibuya. We went to the department store, and some shops. But everything we found there was expensive, which made all of us sad...So this time, we chose to go to Harajuku! (It took 10 minutes to go there from Shinjuku.) Some of you might have heard of the term "Harajuku" because No Doubt's Gwen Stefani wrote about the place in some songs of her solo work. Anyway, we did enjoy shopping there because everything was cheap! I didn't even remember how much times I said "It's really cheap!" that day. Then, I sent an e-mail to Hiro to see if he could come to where we were at that time because I knew he was in Aoyama. (This is the place where the main campus of AGU exists, and it's close to Harajuku if you get on a train.) After about 20 minutes later, Hiro joined us! He helped the guys look for what they want and they finally got what they wanted to buy. The girls enjoyed not only walking around Harajuku but also eating crepe. At night, Laura came to us and we had a dinner.

Thinking back, so many things happened actually! Wow! It really was an interesting experience for me because it was the first time to introduce some people from foreign countries to the famous cities in Tokyo! It made me realize that I needed to know more about the places because I wanted people who are interested in the Japanese culture to understand them fairly! It's never really easy because I have to explain about my country in English, but I think it's fun and meaningful because I can learn more about my own country and English at the same time! ^^

It was so fun that I completely forgot to take a picture! Next time I go there, I definitely will take a lot of pictures.

See you soon~!
I can't wait to see all of you on our next chat!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coming of Age Day!

Hello, everyone~!
It's been about a week since my school began... I've been busy preparing for the exams and taking them. Today I just had the exam of my English class, and I'm so delighted at the fact that the exam is over because it made me so nervous. Anyway, I did finish that. So let's move on to the topic I would like to talk about today!

Here it is!
Coming of Age Day finally arrived!

One of my best friends and I took this picture before we attended the ceremony on January 8th. I was so glad to be able to attend it because it was like a reunion of my classmates in my junior high school. After attending it, I headed to my grand parents' house with my parents to show my Kimono. I was not sure if I could get used to tightness of Kimono at first, but I managed to deal with it somehow. I even enjoyed eating 2 mandarin oranges at my grand parents' house! Then, we went back to home. In fact, I still had some place to go.... Guess what?! To the party! I went there after I took off my Kimono, which took almost 20 minutes. I could see almost all of my friends from my junior high school at the party, so talking with them seemed to be unstoppable! We even went to karaoke after eating and drinking....

After I came back to home, I started preparing for the exam of my French class which was conducted on the next day! I was tired and didn't feel like doing any study, of course. But I got my homework and preparations for it done in the middle of the night. Hehehe~.

Anyway, I think that day became an unforgettable one in many ways!

You can enjoy looking at the rest of the pictures I took on the day here.

That's all for today!
See you soon~

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Happy New Year!

Hello, everyone~!
It's that time of year again! ^^
I still can't believe the fact that 2006 came to an end and three days already have passed since 2007 began...

Anyway, all I wanted to say to you is...

あけましておめでとう~!(Happy new year!)

I was just trying to think about my new year resolution just before I started writing this, and the first thing that came up on my mind was to do my best on the final exam which I will take in the middle of January! But for now, I've ended up having a nice long sleep and being lazy...どんまいける~

I hope that all of you have a great happy new year and 今年もよろしくね★