Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm now 22 years old!

Hello, everyone~!
As I came back here again from yesterday to update this blog, I realize gradually that it's really nice for me to be here as a blogger because I've enjoyed doing so. It helps me maintain my writing skill in English, of course!

Anyway...Today is my birthday! As the title of today's post says, I'm now 22 years old. I'm glad that my friends celebrate my birthday and I'm really happy about that, but when it comes to the fact that I turned 22 years old, I just feel nothing! I even started to wonder if it's important to see myself by counting the years I've lived. Hmmmm.... what do you think?

Moreover, I just can't wait to see AGU 2008 begin! After I visited Maryland as a participant of AGU 2006, I do think back of what I had at the time every time this season comes! I really do. (Such as... Karaoke nights, how some of us became shopholics, and how I enjoyed making waffles every morning and eating it! Hahaha.) As I said on the yesterday's post, the memory remains the same like it happens just yesterday! So, I really hope that this year's participants will also enjoy the program as much as I did! (Before that, should I hope that they will have a good flight and get over jet lag? Right?)

That's all for today!

Lastly, though it has nothing to do with what I've said above, I put the picture I took the other day. I took this picture when I went shopping to Harajuku after my part-time job. The place I work is located in Shibuya and it just takes 10-15 minutes to go to Harajuku. Some of you might be familiar with Harajuku already, because I think it's famous for young people throughout the world. (Especially in the US??) It definitely is the city for fashionistas or shopholics, and that's what it's famous for. When I felt tired a bit after shopping and looked up to the sky, I found this beautiful sunset! I hope you enjoy! :)

See you soon~


Ai said...

Hi, Hiromi-san^^

Happy birthday!! How was your birthday?? It must be fun I think^^

Day after tomorrow is the party with Laura, right?? I'm really looking forward to it^^

Nina Liakos said...

Dear Hiromi,
I hope you had a lovely birthday complete with friends and family to help you celebrate--different from 2 years ago, right?
The AGU2008 blogs are up and I am looking forward to seeing your comments on them. Please don't feel obligated to comment on every blog every day! It's too much! :-)

Anonymous said...

firstly happy birthday! (even though i don't know you but) i hope you had a wonderful birthday =D
by the way, i was randomly surfing for seijin no hi details when i chanced upon your blog. =D i would like to ask more details of seijin no hi since i would be celebrating mine next year. would you mind contacting me at thank you! =D