Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lunch with Yuki

Hello, everyone~!

This time, I would like to talk about my summer vacation. On Aug 12th, I finally could meet Yuki (from AGU2006) in Harajuku to have lunch together! Though we've talked about having lunch or dinner together sometime soon, each of us had been busy taking exams and doing what we needed to do such as part-time jobs and practicing an instrument. (Yuki belongs to Aoyama Gakuin's orchestra, remember?)

We got together in Harajuku. Do you remember the post I talked about this place just a little while ago? As I mentioned, it's famous for fashion and the birth place of youth culture. And the picture on the right side is the entrance of Takeshita street. (You can see the name board of Yoshinoya on your right. It's a restaurant that serves beef bowls, and they have restaurants in the US! ) It's a must-visit place when you visit Harajuku. You can visit clothing stores, accessory shops, fast food restaurants, and so on. As you can see by looking at the photograph, many people were there because it was midst of summer vacation! People from all parts of Tokyo and throughout the world came here. Yuki and I hasn't been here for ages, so we felt really old. Hahaha.

After going through the street, we found the restaurant called "SHANTI". What they serve is soup curry. Soup curry was born in Sapporo, Northern part in Japan, and it's influenced by cuisines of South Asia and South-east Asia. I tried it when I visited Sapporo and I told Yuki that I really liked it. After that, she told me that she knew the restaurant where we could enjoy soup curry in Tokyo! We did enjoy eating soup curry so much that I completely forgot to take a picture of it! :( If you want to know more about soup curry, please google it!) And we talked about what each of us has been up to lately, the boy bands that I've been into, and girl talk! We realized that we kept talking for about 3 hours! Wooow. I felt fast, though. It's always fun to talk with girl friends, especially about guys! Hehehe.

Also... we enjoyed the dessert as well! When you go out for lunch or dinner, don't you feel like eating something sweet after having lunch or dinner? (If you are a girl, you might be able to understand what I mean! I really hope so. I think that's why we have a saying "There is room for dessert".) So, we started walking to look for something sweet and yummy. After looking through several shops, we decided to have Harajuku roll crape. As you can see from the picture, it's not an ordinary crape that you think of. It's covered with crispy and thin pancake. Inside of it, fruits and cream were covered with thin pancake. So, you don't have to worry about spilling out while eating. Mine was chocolate and bananas! Hmmm.... yum-yum!

Oh my gosh... have I gone too far?
That's all for today!


Nina Liakos said...

I thought you Japanese didn't like sweet desserts! I should know better since the AGUers always hit the ice cream shops when they get here.

It's nice that you saw Yuki!

Landor said...

hello, Hiromi~~~
nice to meet you~~


Ji Won said...


Mmmm~~ Nice looking dessert there~~~ ^^

Meeting up with Yuki must have been a lot of fun! Tell her I said hi~!

I was looking at some of your old entries, and I couldn't help but notice Mario Vasquez on there! Did you know that his song, Gallery, FINALLY became somewhat famous in the U.S. after being out for two years?? It's playing everywhere on radio stations right now!!

Sanae said...

Hello, Hiromi :)
Thanks to leave comments for my blogs. I was glad to read them.
We really enjoyed this programs!
I think you are great because you keep your blog! Nina also praise you.

By the way, I'm going to go Harajuku with my mother and sister. It is first time to visit for us. I'm looking forward to visit Harajuku still more because I read your blog!

Landor said...

hey? Hiromi
nice day~~